Fairly Painless and Plenty Creative rumored to be dating engaged eloping a civil union happily married.

It’s true and it’s beautiful. Fairly Painless and Plenty Creative are now one: One creative firm with elevated skills in design, digital, film, strategy, interactive, copywriting and branding.

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Brought together by a love for good work and equally rigorous standards for design and creativity, the new Fairly Painless union looks forward to bringing its expanded resources to a local and national client base.

Fairly Painless president, Chris Cook, summed up the deal in saying, “We’ve long admired Plenty Creative’s wonderfully inspired design and creative thinking. Our newly expanded firm is now even better positioned to help clients navigate the ever-growing number of pages, platforms, screens, devices and touch points through which consumers are reached. We’ll do it traditionally and digitally, via technology and human touch, in a way that’s always fairly painless for our clients.”

Fairly Painless has been developing award-winning work for 22 years from its office in downtown Holland, enjoying relationships with Aetna, Amway, Armstrong International, Dell, Greenleaf Trust, Fox Motors, North Ottawa Community Hospital, SpartanNash, Staples, Visteon and others. Plenty Creative has been Grand Rapids-based since 2003 and has provided outstanding design and creative solutions to ACLU of Michigan, GVSU Art Gallery, Haworth, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Lighthouse Group Insurance, Reserve, WMCAT and many other great companies.

Additional details and a new website are coming soon. For more information, Gwen O'Brien and Dottie Rhodes can be reached at 616.233.9222; Chris Cook, Cheryl Bell, Beth Taylor and Craig Davis can be reached at 616.394.5900.