Froyo aims high. Fairly Painless delivers.

As you may already know, Fairly Painless Advertising lives to push the envelope: creatively, digitally and everywhere in-between.

For far too long the media has been clambering on about drones as the future of package delivery. Weren’t they supposed to be the next big thing like three big things ago? Tired of waiting, we decided to take the drone business into our own hands.

When we heard that Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt–an international franchise with over 300 locations–was interested in performing a first of its kind aerial stunt, we knew we’d landed the perfect partner.

Together, Orange Leaf and Fairly Painless took to the air to execute the world’s first frozen yogurt delivery by drone.

In what is now known as ‘Project Flying Orange Unicorn,’ the pilot program’s first flight was an indisputable success. Orange Leaf’s drone flawlessly delivered an array of froyo to an enchanted crowd of Hope College students, and we followed closely behind with our drone capturing it all on film.

24 hours later, the digital gurus at Fairly Painless had edited, produced and delivered a fun and functional piece of video content, fully-polished and ready for sharing.

It was more than an aerial achievement–Project Flying Orange Unicorn became a viral hit.

The delivery itself earned live local news coverage, and the accompanying video brought in 12x more views than any other Orange Leaf content. It was shared and spread all over social media, and the story was featured on national news organizations including USA Today and

In the end, citizens of Holland witnessed their first flying dessert, Hope College students snagged a cool treat and Orange Leaf confirmed their conspiratorial plans for drones to take over the world of froyo delivery. All the while Fairly Painless Advertising lent our creative hands and expertise. Not bad for a Tuesday.