You Make Us

Creators of the new healthy.

When you’re the second largest health insurance provider in the nation, you deal with every conceivable type of person. And to be an effective listener and problem solver for your millions of customers, you have to have something in common with them, not the least of which is empathy. That’s why inclusiveness and diversity are so important to Aetna. Fairly Painless was chosen to help the company articulate and convey its commitment to the issue, which we’ve done through positioning, brand voice, film, animations, posters, digital tools, website, etc. [A full case study of our initiative with Aetna will be posted here soon.]

“You Make Us Creative” Poster

“You Make Us Stronger” Poster

“You Make Us Competitive” Poster

“You Make Us Adaptive” Poster

“You Make Us Thrive” Poster

“You Make Us Connect” Poster