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Knowledge is Power.

Armstrong International is a global leader in energy management. Working closely with its marketing director and other corporate powers, Fairly Painless created a unified brand presence that communicates as clearly in Tulsa as it does in Shanghai and Rio. Concurrently, we designed and programmed a new website, generated extensive new content, and developed a dynamic search mechanism that prioritizes pertinent results across the website’s 5,000+ pages. Next, we created customized log in pages, through which each customer can log on to his/her specific page to review products, order status, etc. Last but not least, we created a global brand standards website; a print and digital ad campaign for a hot water division; a microsite and film for an innovative software tool, and an educational outreach digital campaign. More to come.

Armstrong Site on Macbook

“Digital-Flo” Print Ad

“The Brain” Print Ad

“Sage” Print Ad

Armstrong Website

Armstrong – Website