Family Fare


Just say yes.

Consumer loyalty isn’t what it used to be. Thanks to SpartanNash’s YES program, it’s better. Shopper preferences are tracked and rewarded with personalized coupons, in-store savings, gas discounts, free and/or low cost prescriptions, etc. The benefits are generous once you sign up for the Yes program, which is what our comprehensive tv/outdoor/in-store/digital/weekly newspaper ad campaign conveys in a friendly, easy to understand manner.

Yes: “Bob & Ann” – :30 TV

Yes: “Bob” :15 TV

Yes: “Ann” :15 TV

Yes: “Price & Item T-Bone” :15 TV

Yes: “Price & Item Split Chicken” :15 TV

Yes: “Price & Item Coke/Dr Pepper” :15 TV

Yes: “Rewards for Pet Lovers” In-Store Signage

Yes: “Rewards for Busy Families” In-Store Signage

Yes: “Fuel Discounts That Really Add Up” In-Store Signage

Yes: “In-Store Deals That Matter To Me” In-Store Signage

Yes: “Free and Low Cost Prescriptions” In-Store Signage

Yes: “24/7” :30 TV

Yes: “Hugs” :30 TV