Looks alone can't tell the whole story.
  • Angie Gerrans

    Account Director

    Don’t let her stature fool you, Angie’s as tough as they come. It figures, since she broke into this business in Detroit where she once KO’d a mugger. Okay, that last bit isn’t true, but this is: before joining FP, Angie worked with Mars Advertising, Young & Rubicam, and Team Detroit, gaining experience with clients like Nestlé, Conagra, KitchenAid and Ford. Today, Angie has many irons in the fire, managing our client relationships with Greenleaf Trust, Visteon Corporation, MacGregor Partners and others. Basically, when we need to dump more responsibility on someone, we turn to Angie because we know she can always handle it all.

  • Beth Taylor

    Strategy / Account Management

    If you’ve ridden in a car with Beth, you’ll realize you can take the girl out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the girl. Beth came to Fairly Painless in 1999 after ten years with DDB Needham, Chicago and a number of subsequent consulting projects. At Needham she worked on Betty Crocker and Big G cereals (where she was instrumental in recruiting college student Tiger Woods as Wheaties’ spokesman), then as a Director of the New Products Group serving Helene Curtis, Tyson foods and several venture capital start-ups. For us, Beth manages our accounts with Herman Miller, Parnunu and A&D clients.

  • David Smith

    Digital Director

    We brought an Englishman on board for more reasons than just hearing him use words like “lift,” “loo” and “footy.” While a successful musician at heart, David is a talented web designer and skilled programmer, making him an integral muscle in our digital arm. He’s been designing and building websites since the stone age of the web, so needless to say, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Now, if only we could get him to stop calling soccer “footy.”

  • Cheryl Bell

    Principal / Design Director

    A multiple award-winning designer, Cheryl’s talents and influence can be seen across a wide range of Fairly Painless projects. Equally comfortable in the traditional and digital worlds, Cheryl designs and oversees the creative development of websites, multi-platform video content, packaging, and collateral. As a longstanding Principal and member of the Executive Team, Cheryl has helped us evolve into a widely respected digital and creative content partner for clients like Herman Miller, Staples, Spartan Stores, Proven Winners, Cherry Bay Orchards, Edwards and others. It’s why, second only to cheese, we consider her Wisconsin’s finest export.

  • Beth Smith


    Beth began her career at respected agencies like Lawler Ballard, Earle Palmer Brown, and TraverRohrback, creating intelligent, poignant copy for clients large and small, across Michigan and beyond. We’ve been fortunate enough to have her at Fairly Painless, writing for Armstrong International, Proven Winners Flowering Shrubs, Spectrum Health, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Shoreline Orthopaedics, Center for Women in Transition, and more. A devoted animal rights activist, it’s possible the only thing she despises almost as much as animal cruelty is misuse of the hyphen and em dash.

  • Chris Cook


    The third of three original Fairly Painless partners, Chris led/co-led the agency from 1993 to 2018. His unconventional background in family business management, global environmental activism, and civil service at the federal level prepared him, somehow or other, to take the reins of FP’s creative-driven marketing team. At the agency’s holiday party two years ago, however, the gift of a knock-off, faux gold watch signaled that his time was up. Ongoing involvement with a longtime FP client keeps Chris happy, as does frequent travel to lands near and far.

  • Carrie Russell


    When it comes to combining strong design with attention to detail, Carrie is the resident expert. Before signing on with FP in 2003, Carrie designed for clients like Pontiac, Village Green and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra with Skidmore Inc. in Detroit. Needless to say, when she made her way to this side of the state we were happy to have her. Today, as an essential part of the FP team, Carrie has helped to reshape brands and create them, working on clients like Amway, Spartan, Cherry Bay Orchards, Greenleaf Trust and Staples. Whether she is designing new packaging, baking for her family or refinishing vintage furniture, Carrie’s talents are reflected in everything she does.

  • Craig Davis

    Account Director

    What have McDonald’s, Home Depot, Owens Corning, and the largest healthcare network in West Michigan had in common? Two words: Craig Davis. Client-side experience with Home Depot, followed by agency tours of duty with Arnold Worldwide and Doner, Detroit, make Craig the perfect account director for FPA. When he isn’t working with our creative department to ensure advertising and communication are on strategy, you’ll either find him hanging with his wife and two kids, or knee deep in a river on the dry end of a fishing line.

  • Sang Kim

    Senior Developer

    When you’re born in a refugee camp, move to the US before your first birthday, come of age in California, and see the world through a unique perspective, Fairly Painless is the place for you—and for Sang Kim. As a backend development whiz and walking TED talk on all things technology, Sang is passively competitive and aggressively agreeable when it matters most, all of the time. Clients love him, and we’re pleased to have him in our camp.

  • Jeff Long

    Executive Creative Directior

    Jeff came to Fairly Painless from Digital Kitchen (DK)—a multi-disciplined, multi-award winning digital agency located in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. As Head of Creative, Jeff led DK’s evolution from a motion graphics production model to a content-focused digital agency that tells stories on every possible screen, surface, device and dimension a human being or machine can imagine. He was also a group creative director, senior partner at Ogilvy. Before joining FP, Jeff worked on numerous brands across a wide variety of categories, including HBO, Budweiser, Target, Microsoft, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Nike, X-Box, Sears, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and others.

  • Steve Groenink


    Steve may be one of the newest faces at Fairly Painless, but he is far from a stranger to the communications world. He came to us boasting a lengthy rap sheet that includes spending a decade as the COO of Michigan’s largest public and investor relations firm, and holding senior positions at various banking and financial institutions. Nowadays, Steve has embraced his role as President of Fairly Painless. Although already impressively well-groomed, with a touch of mousse or a dab of gel, we think he’ll look positively prim, proper and presidential.

  • Brandon Day

    Account Manager

    Brandon first appeared on our radar in 2008, serving as an exceptional summer intern with us while earning his advertising and marketing degree at Michigan State University. Degree in hand, Brandon excelled at Amway, then at Grand Rapids Label. At Fairly Painless, he’s balancing his time between Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, Visteon Corporation, and other manufacturing clients. Midwest born and bred, Brandon enjoys getting up to a family lake house whenever he can with his wife and goldendoodle, and doing anything outdoorsy in pure Michigan. If he had any free time, he might just be able to fit in a round of golf, a pick-up basketball game, or catch a sporting event involving the Spartans – but we’re telling him not to get his hopes up.

  • Drake Evans

    Art Director

    We’d never met a nerd of quite the same caliber as Drake, so we hired him. First as an intern while studying at Kendall College of Art and Design, and later following his graduation in 2014. Drake lends his keen eye for detail to a multitude of agency projects. Among his interests are science, history and storytelling podcasts, guitars, hockey, motorcycles, anything design-related; wait a minute—he’s sounding cool. Think instead on his miniature models, comic books and OCD tendencies. Better.

  • Kimberly Dekker


    As good as our writers and designers are at managing creative, we needed to hire a grown-up to help them manage the green stuff. And that’s where Kim comes in. A graduate from Western Michigan University, and a die-hard Western Michigan Broncos fan, Kim cut her financial teeth with Michigan-based companies like the Grand Rapids Symphony, Koops, Inc. and JB Laboratories before joining FPA in 2006. Not only does Kim have her masters in management, but you’ll be happy to know she’s also one of the first people to say hello when you step off the elevator.