After we fired our news anchor, sold our traffic copter and shut down the foreign desk, all that was left was this. Enjoy.


Luke N. | July 25, 2018

Steve Groenink named president of Fairly Painless as Chris Cook pursues retirement.

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The GDPR has Arrived

David Smith | May 22, 2018

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Now More Than Ever, Happy Holidays To All

Fairly Painless | December 20, 2017

This year, we dug into the Fairly Painless archives for our seasonal dose of holiday cheer. So, from everyone here at Fairly Painless, Happy Holidays … to all. Always.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Nerd Table | November 28, 2017

The Europeans don't like spies.

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2017 West Michigan Addy Awards

Fairly Painless | February 21, 2017

Creativity and advertising expertise were on full display at the 2017 Addy Awards. See how Fairly Painless fared in our recap of the industry’s biggest night of the year.

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‘Twas the Nexus Before Christmas

Fairly Painless | December 21, 2016

We’ve done it. We’ve hacked the holidays, cracked the code and manipulated the matrix to bring you the holiday season, gif(t)-wrapped in user-friendly form.

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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt’s Drone Delivery

Fairly Painless | December 9, 2016

Flying dessert and a conspiratorial plan to take over the world of frozen yogurt delivery.

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The Big White Box

The Nerd Table | November 25, 2016

A shiny new car containing a dashboard with hundreds of buttons, dials and sliders stuck together with duct tape.

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ArtPrize, “Office Unfinished”

Fairly Painless | November 11, 2016

Featuring the forever-up-and-coming, neo-nonperformer from across the pond, Farley Painlezz'.

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The WordPress Athlete

The Nerd Table | October 28, 2016

Does your WordPress website need to drop a few pounds?

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